Pluto in Astrology

Pluto is the planet of Power with a subtle energy that will hit you like hammer.

Pluto is the farthest planet form the Sun and is so minute that it is simple to understand how one might question it possessing any control upon our distant planet but certainly its control is such that we are at this time beginning to find to what extent.

Having just been in recent times revealed there has been confined examination achievable as to how it controls us but certain features emerge. Pluto was known as the god of the underworld and repeatedly viewed as harmful. Yet like all energies, they could be bad or positive depending upon the purpose to which the forces are harnessed.

If it is seen that the power of Pluto directs the great industries and business ventures which have forced others out of business, or which are set to damage the health and fitness of us all, it is of course is observed as a malefic force made up and displayed in this way.

However if the same power could be used to get us a unified world of harmony and a brotherhood of people – a dreamstill never accomplished in our history - it can only be viewed as a unifying principle which is kindness itself. The actual details of Pluto, its utility in the solar system and its influence upon our lives stays to a great deal, speculation.

Pluto rules death, destruction, kidnapping, viruses, obsession, coercion, crime, terrorism, the underworld and waste. It may not be pretty, but the Planet Pluto doesn’t care.

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