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Neptune in Astrology

Neptune’s glyph is the trident of the God of the Seas: Poseidon. As such it rules over our dreams and feelings.

As we observe a model of our world we observe that the actual world or earth is much less than the large vastness of the watery world. Water bears out vaster materially and in our human psyche, shows our sentiments to be larger than our physical selves. But till the moment we understand how to use its effect the energies represent in our Astrological Chart as our vague promises, our dreams, our unknown selves, the indeterminate facets of our character, our human failings instead of virtues and strengths.

It displays our aptitude for attachment to behaviors and to drugs and our reliance and the blame we foist upon others. Its most influential forces bring us inspirational dreams and ideas, with idealistic notions and emotion, with spiritual experiences and providing a sensation of the greater universality of life past our petty ego.

Neptune also rules television, movies, fashion, theater and glamour.

Neptune convey feminine energy.