Uranus and the Zodiac

Uranus, the Planet of rebellion brings new ways to look at things and to expand consciousness.

Uranus is the volatile heavenly body controlling all of us by its energies causing unusual and exceptional sentiments, curiosities and mannerisms. Its influence covered our planet and our society which stimulated the growth of grand planetary changes al through the recent few ages of revolts and battles far more than anything history has shown to date. Its influence is to urge us out of the confines of the inner awareness to comprehend the unity of all existence on our earth and beyond. It revolves around the virtues of the New Period of Aquarius, that is humanitarian intentions, purposes and actions.

In our Birth Chart it will represent the unexpected and life modifying events that happen without any visible reason. In our nature, it affects the part of us that desires to swim against the worn out ethics of the time gone by and to break new ground.
Inventions, originality, hi-tech, computers, science, technologies and future events are all ruled within this Planet realm.

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