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Saturn orders us discipline, hard work and responsibility. It’s also the planet of good Karma.

Unfortunately, Saturn is sometime commonly considered ‘malefic’. Astrology views it as a giant heavenly body with enigmas still unseen. In stories however, it is always affiliated with its central aim in human life, to cause troubles and death, before rebirth and named ‘The Reaper’.

It is certainly the personification of the great law of Karma - the righteousness which accomplishes the law of action and reaction and which we think “why to us?” when we undergo misfortune but overlook to do the same equally with our good destiny! Saturn’s influence symbolizes natural law.

Saturn keeps the passage of time and governs old age along with the lessons it teaches all of us.

Saturn has masculine energy.

In our Birth Chart it will represent the unexpected and life modifying events that happen without any visible reason. In our nature, it affects the part of us that desires to swim against the worn out ethics of the time gone by and to break new ground.